About Me

Have you got a family you’re scrambling to feed?  Does the thought of entertaining leave you cold and clammy?

Or when it’s just “you-time”, are you looking for a bit more than eating a sandwich over the kitchen sink (though I confess I’ve done that and sort of enjoyed it too!)…well, over time you might find some ideas here that go beyond the basic grab ‘n go sandwich and get you out the door to more.

I hope you enjoy some of the recipes posted here.  What you’ll notice is that a lot of the things I cook look to be big batches.  Well, that’s my current reality as the Mom of two kids in their 20’s and one in his teens.  They all bring friends, girlfriends, boyfriends home so I’m often having to cook big batch quantities to keep pace.

As things develop, I’ll have more sections on “express” meals, and then some that take a little more time, but can be stretched into a few more quick meals that allow you to do less fussing, and have more fun.

And just so we’re clear on things…cook me quick is not always about starting from scratch and having a dinner in five minutes.  It can mean that the preparation is pretty quick, but might be followed by a longer baking time.  Read each recipe through thoroughly before you start and then you won’t be disappointed!

Bon appetite!